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W.B.D. Departure

We regret to inform that W.B.D. has left Dirty Devil Entertainment this week. It was a pleasure having her on board as long as she was. She is a very talented artist and we expect to see great things come from her down the road. All of us at DDE wish her the best of luck in her endeavors. We love you sis! -The Dirty Devil Family-

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Make sure to check out the Dirty Devil Entertainment Web Store if you haven’t already! Female & Male merchandise are available! We thank you all for the support that you have given us so far. Let’s keep rising! 10/6!!


ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!! IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM Dirty Devil Entertainment! Wicked Babydoll: Best of…CD COMING SOON! Your favorite tracks off the 1st 3 mix tapes Combined on one CD! $4 plus $2 shipping and handling domestically or $5 internationally! Also with the purchase of the CD you will get a personalized letter from Wicked Babydoll herself! It will be hand written as a personal gesture for everyone that has taken time to support her music and she is taking her time to write you back and thank you! You will be able to pay via Pay Pal or money order. Keep an eye out! COMING SOON!! #DDE


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