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About Dirty Devil Entertainment

Dirty Devil Entertainment was created in 2009 and is currently being run by Phr0zen & Magick. Dirty Devil Entertainment is a family! The bond within DDE is very important. We are who we are, and we do what we do. We are not constricted to anyone type of music. Whatever we record and release is what we record and release. Here at Dirty Devil Entertainment, you are you and are allowed to do the music you want. There is no "one sound" for DDE. This is our home, our bond, our family. 10/6! #HORNSHIGH #KeepItDevil


First off, Welcome to DirtyDevilEntertainment.Com We truly appreciate everyone’s support so far! The Web Store is under construction right now. Merchandise is ready to be sold, but we want to make sure the web store looks legit and not like some thrown together trash. We thank you for your patience and as soon as it opens up we will make sure to let everyone know! #HORNSHIGH

Welcome To The New DDE Website!

Welcome to the DDE Website! Right now it is currently under construction. Please keep an eye out for when we’ll be opening our website officially to the public!


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